Thomas Lindvig

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Global Climate Conference Copenhagen

Expression III

Charlottenborg Kunsthal

Minimal Expressionism

For the visual artist Thomas Lindvig, painting is a perpetual project. His works constitute subtle and many-valued hybrids. They bring ideas and stories into play, but at the same time distinguish themselves as minimalist objects within a space – objects that insist on their physical presence, their volume, and their concrete and tactile appearance.

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Minimalismens oprindelse 
Minimalismens indtog på kunstscenen omkring 1960’erne har ikke blot

Jørgen Leth 
Jeg havde fornøjelsen af at deltage ved åbningen af Jørgen

'Untitled' (car work), 2010

Since their first inception in the 17th Century, cars always claimed a central role in artists’ imagination. Futurism’s inflammatory manifestos about their speed and beauty are possibly the first examples that come to mind, but even...

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Thomas Lindvig 2015